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Student Work Permits


Important Notice About Work Permits

Due to the COVID-19 school and district office shutdowns, please email your school principal about getting a work permit. To find your principal's email address, visit your school's website staff directory (under Our School).

About Work Permits
  • Official CDE Work Permit Applications may be downloaded and printed from this website. The application must be filled out and signed by the student, the employer and one of the student’s parents. The student must also present school I.D. when requesting a work permit.

  • From mid August to June 28th the completed application must be taken in to the student’s school of attendance. The office of Work Experience or Career Center will issue the work permit.

  • During the month of July and first half of August, the completed application must be taken to the Education Center located on 2425 Jefferson Street, Room 130. The student must bring school ID.

  • important noteTHE APPLICATION IS NOT THE WORK PERMIT. The application MUST be returned to the school in order for a student to obtain a legal work permit. Do not leave the application with the employer.

  • Work permits are not issued during the winter and spring breaks.