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21st Century Learning


Our mission is to transform lives by instilling and inspiring lifelong learning in every student

We believe it is imperative that we make learning relevant to the real world in order that our students can thrive in the work force, contribute to their communities and become respected members of society.


NVUSD is a student-centered, 21st century school district

The old classroom model – teacher-centered, one-way, one-size-fits-all – makes no sense to young people who have grown up in a digital world.  Instruction must enable students to take ownership of their own learning, use technology to enhance learning, and ensure that student are active participants and ENGAGED in personalized educational experiences.

The vision for district transformation has resulted in:

  • a set of district-wide Common Core aligned learning outcomes that prepare students to be active and successful participants in the 21st century.
  • assessment tools that align vertically from elementary through high school to measure mastery of those learning outcomes.
  • technology-rich classrooms that engage students in relevant, rigorous inquiries.

All NVUSD students will:

  • Graduate career and college ready through rigorous, relevant, inquiry based learning experiences and assessments aligned to Common Core standards.
  • Demonstrate and show evidence of progress in California Dept of Education content standards and the six Cs.
  • Bring – or be provided with - personal mobile devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets) as academic tools to participate in technology-infused learning experiences.

Our Partners in 21st Century Education

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