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NVUSD Names Members of "7-11" Committee Established to Discuss Potential School Consolidation
Posted 8/9/19

The Napa Valley Unified School District Board of Education announced it has selected and approved the members of the district's newly formed 7-11 District Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of 11 community members, and 4 alternates, who were selected from more than 40 applications received by the district after a public invitation to apply.

The purpose of the 7-11 District Advisory Committee is to advise the NVUSD Board of Education on the use or disposition of school buildings, space, or property that is not needed for school purposes. As previously announced, this committee will make a formal recommendation to the Board of education this fall on small school closures/consolidations and possible uses for the property if any schools are closed. 

In accordance with the California Department of Education Code Section 17389, the NVUSD 7-11 Committee was selected based on the ethnic, age group, and socioeconomic composition of the district. The newly approved 7-11 committee members from the NVUSD district community include parents and small business owners, public officials, former and current NVUSD teachers/administrators, and residents who live in, or send their children to, some of the district's smallest schools.

Approved NVUSD 7-11 Committee Members:

  • Andrew Damron
  • Whitney Farris
  • Barbara L. Franco
  • Katie Garibaldi
  • Arik Housley
  • Eric E Knight
  • Jamie Magana
  • Laura R Miller
  • Arvind Nichal
  • Wendi Piscia
  • Kay Vang

Alternates (will serve for a committee member if they are absent):

  • Kerri Dorman
  • J. Rangel Gonzales
  • Emmett M "Skip" Keyser III
  • Ted Ward

"We were pleased to see the great response from the community to serve on this committee, and also recognize the importance of these discussions for both new and long-standing residents," said Board President José Hurtado. "We are committed to providing full transparency in this process. As such, the committee’s proceedings and deliberations will be open to the public and all minutes will be published on the NVUSD district website."

For more information, including information on upcoming meeting dates, please visit