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Finding and Using Images in Your Projects

Can I use it?

Remember, just because you found an image online doesn't mean that you can use it.

This is especially true if you are creating something that will be published, a web page for example. Make sure you have permission to use the photo or choose a copyright free photo or a photo with a Creative Commons license allowing you to use it.


Two great sources for images are Flickr and Google. But you need to be sure search for images that are free to use. FIND EVEN MORE OPTIONS HERE

DON'T FORGET TO CITE! Many image websites provide information on the proper way to give credit to the owner of an image. Be sure to check the rules and follow them.


Flickr Creative Commons

Review the rules for the different types of copyright. Select a collection [click See More] and search by topic. Be sure to cite appropriately based on the type of copyright. 

Google Images

After you enter your search term, in the results screen, under the search box, select Tools. Then select Usage Rights. Then select the version you wish to look for. The most "open" option is "Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification." This will limit your search results to pictures that are available to use in your project. Remember to cite!

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