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District Facilities Usage & Rentals

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Permissible facility uses (depending on availability) include District fields, pools, theaters, stadiums, classrooms, multi-use rooms, and gyms.  Napa Valley Unified School District includes 28 schools.  Our Education Center has meeting rooms varying in size to accommodate public meetings.  

Please note: the NVUSD Auditorium and Memorial Stadium cannot currently be reserved online. Request for these facilities should be directed to Julie Hogan at the NVUSD Facility Service Office. Please email details to

Outside organizations

  • Use the Facilitron online reservation system.

  • Certificate of insurance and any assigned fee payments are required (School parent clubs and booster clubs are exempt from fees, but must contact Facilitron directly to request a fee waiver).  

  • Personal uses of facilities (i.e. birthday parties, weddings, etc.) are not permissible uses.

  • No outside uses are allowed before 5 p.m. on weekdays on school campuses.

School district employees

  • Education Center meeting rooms: use NVUSD Google calendar

  • All school site facilities: use Facilitron reservation system (below)

  • NVUSD Auditorium and Memorial Stadium: contact Julie Hogan at

Need help?

For assistance in creating an account or submitting your request: 

Ask Facilitron

Note: Facilitron uses the term "renter" to refer to a person who wants to reserve a facility.

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NVUSD Contact
Julie Hogan
Administrative Secretary
(707) 253-3549 Office
(707) 253-5963 Fax

The Napa Valley Unified School District is required to allow public use of its facilities, based on California State’s Education Code 38130-38138, the Civic Center Act, which dictates how school property is to be used for public purposes.  Under the Civic Center Act, school facilities and grounds shall be available to citizens and community groups as a civic center for a wide variety of purposes, among them, the discussion of matters of general or public interest, the conduct of religious services for temporary periods, and supervised recreational activities and other purposes deemed appropriate by the School Board.  Of course, all school-related activities are given priority in the use of facilities.