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Enrolling in NVUSD

Updated April 7, 2020

Student Enrollment

School Closures

At the end of school year 2019-20, Mt. George and Yountville elementary schools will close. The attendance area for Mt. George Elementary will join the Alta Heights Elementary attendance area. The attendance area for Yountville Elementary will join the Willow Elementary attendance area.

Available Soon

Online school registration begins May 4.

Registration for new students for Fall 2020: To be enrolled in kindergarten, students must turn 5 years old on or before September 1, 2020. Children turning 5 after September 1 may be eligible for Transitional Kindergarten.

To register, please contact the Enrollment Center at

Students are assigned to their school of residence, which is defined as "the assigned neighborhood school based on a student's Napa County home address."  Find your school of residence

Students may attend a different school based on space availability through open enrollment, or through a transfer request based on specific limited circumstances.

Revised elementary school boundaries map for 2020-21 (per Board of Education approval on Oct. 24, 2019)


Need to Change your Street Address?

Please email the information to your current school. School email addresses


  • Parent picture ID or Caregiver Affidavit (if applicable)
  • Residency (Address) Verification   Proof of residency is NOT the same as proof of US citizenship. Residency verification is defined as "verification of a student's Napa County home address in connection to the assigned school in the neighborhood."
  • Age Verification  One of the following options must be provided:
    • Birth certificate
    • A religious, hospital, or physician's certification showing date of birth
    • A passport
    • An adoption record
    • An affidavit from a parent/guardian
    • Previously verified school records
  • Emergency contact information, including health care provider contact information
  • Completed Health Exam and Oral Exam forms  (included in enrollment packet)
  • Immunization records   
  • Copy of student's academic history or current report card



Enrollment Center
Elementary and Secondary (TK-12) enrollment 
Intradistrict Transfers
(NVUSD school to NVUSD school)

Inter-District Transfers
(K-12 transferring in or out of NVUSD)

Dr. Christine Gross

Christina Roberts
Senior Administrative Specialist

About Intradistrict Transfers

Suzanne Trudelle

About Inter-District Transfers