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Transforming lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning in every student


Napa Valley Unified School District serves the communities of American Canyon, Napa City and Yountville.  The district is comprised of 30+ schools serving more than 17,000 students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through Grade 12.

Our students are all individuals, with their own talents, interests, needs and goals. That means that we nurture and challenge advanced learners, who want to expand their learning horizons, as well as students who have physical, emotional or cognitive challenges that require more support.

We offer rigorous academic courses, robust Career Technical Education options and diverse extracurricular and athletic programs. Our students can learn in traditional neighborhood schools, magnet schools, independent study, dual immersion English-Spanish programs, online options and more.


District Goals for Student Learning and Achievement

  • Increase achievement progress in both the State Standards and achievement of the 6C’s through uses Inquiry-Based and Problem-Based Learning 
  • Implement educational programs that promote academic engagement through cultural understanding and diversity (TK through Adult)
  • Expand opportunities for Second Language Acquisition (Dual Language Instruction)

>  Description of the 6 C's

  • Provide systems to support all students to ensure access to state academic standards and opportunities to learn 21st the 6C's skills and accelerate learning
  • Provide a broad range of programs and services to strengthen academic engagement, personal development and college and career readiness, including, but not limited to: AVID, ALPS, Legacy Youth. and Visual & Performing Arts. Provide equitable access to increase achievement for all students
  • Implement and monitor the District’s Voluntary Desegregation Plan and socio-economic diversity goals in the Program and Facilities Master Plan

>  Visit the NVUSD Equitable Access webpage

  • Continue implementation of the Healthy Choices/Nutrition 3-year plan
  • Analyze and recommend physical education and health education practices
  • Sustain the Positive Behavior Interventions & Support Program (MTSS-BEST), attend to the social-emotional development of students and make recommendations for continued progress.

>  Visit the NVUSD Student Wellness webpage