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In Case of Workplace Injury...


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What to Do When You Suffer an Injury or Illness Because of Work

Step 1: The employee is responsible to immediately report to their Supervisor that they have injured themselves while working.

Step 2: If the injury is an emergency dial 911. Call Company Nurse at 1-877-778-2576 after the employee has been transported to a hospital or medical treatment.

Skip to Step 3 if it is not an emergency:

Step 3: Employee and/or Supervisor calls 1-877-778-2576 Company Nurse 24/7 Hotline before you leave the premises on the day of the injury.

  • Company Nurse will provide assistance regarding either a referral for medical treatment or simply recording the incident.
  • Company Nurse will refer you to the designated medical clinic for your district (unless you have pre-designated your personal physician prior to the injury). The designated medical clinic, human resources, and North Bay School Insurance Authority will all receive notice of the injury within 10 minutes of completing the phone call. Please call the medical clinic you are referred to and make an appointment.

Step 4: North Bay Schools Insurance Authority will mail the DWC-1 claim form to the employee directly within one business day.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Company Nurse: 1-877-778-2576
  • North Bay Schools Insurance Authority: 707-428-0824