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Computer Labs Come to Life...

Napa High
El Centro Elementary

Technology Directory


Gary Heard Director of Technology   253.3829
Lori Glenn Technology Department Assistant   253.3829
Colleen Alexander Technology Integration Specialist   557.8313
Eric Andal Technology Logistician    
Joe Bacinett Technology Operations Manager    
Steve Anderson Computer Support Technician    
Jerry Gillgren Computer Support Technician    
Don Hattala Computer Support Technician    
Jordan Michels Computer Support Technician    
James West Computer Support Technician    
Chris Yepson Computer Support Technician    
Herb Andal Site Technology Specialist I    
Kimberly Kile Site Technology Specialist I    
Kambiz Shalileh Site Technology Specialist I    
Fredy Cruz-Rojas Site Technology Specialist II    
Ross McVicar Site Technology Specialist II    
Rita Ochoa Site Technology Specialist II    
Ryan Bledsoe Information Systems Specialist    
Chad de la Vallette Information Systems Specialist    
Tim Harrington Information Systems Specialist    
Darrell McCaslin Information Systems Specialist    


Data Processing


Bea Braun Information Specialist   259.8843
Laurie Golding Associate Information Specialist    
Duncan Hill Database Manager    


Library Services


Kate MacMillan

Library Services Supervisor




"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those unable to read and write, but those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn."

Alvin Toffler


 "The new mission of schools is to prepare students to work at jobs that do not yet exist, creating ideas and solutions for products and problems that have not yet been identified, using technologies that have not yet been invented." 

Linda Darling-Hammond, (2010). The flat world and education: How America’s commitment to equity will determine our future.


"These are just technologies. Using them does not make you modern, smart, moral, wise, fair, or decent. It just makes you able to communicate, compete, and collaborate farther and faster."

Thomas L. Friedman, (2005). The World is Flat.