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Have a Bachelor's Degree? Be a Substitute Teacher


Working After Retirement

If you return to work after retirement in a position with the California public school system, there are restrictions under state and federal law.

You cannot:

  • Work in a classified position except, und ...more

Renew Your 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permit

Effective January 1, 2007, the Commission requires all teachers with 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permits to renew their credentials online with a credit card. Your permit can be renewed six months ...more

Information for Substitute Teachers

For Substitutes

There are 3 methods used by NVUSD to make jobs available to substitutes:

1. Online: www.aesoponline.com.

2. Telephone: (800) 942-3767

3. Aesop will make phone calls to subs to offer jobs. Call times: 6 AM - noon and 4 PM - 9:30 PM.

You will need your ID number (10-digit phone number) and 4-digit PIN.


Please note:

  • If you accept a job, Aesop will issue a confirmation number. Your transaction is not complete until Aesop provides you with a confirmation number.
  • Aesop will automatically make a recording of your name for NVUSD on the phone system. To review or change the recording of your name, cal in to Aesop and select option 4.


  • Be sure to check the start dates and end dates for all assignments you accept.  We are experiencing too many subs that do not show up for the second day of an assignment. By the time school starts it is too late to be able to fill the assignment, and this causes serious problems.  We cannot have uncovered classrooms.    
  • Be sure to check the start and end time for all jobs you accept.
  • If you accept an assignment for an Itinerant Teacher, be sure to listen to the schedule for that teacher for that day or days of the assignment, so you know where to go.
  • If you find you cannot work, please call the sub service line at 707-253-3843.   Most school site secretaries do not arrive at school until 7:30 a.m. at the earliest. The system is set to not allow cancellations two hours before the start of the assignment for a reason; that is to call to our attention that there is a potential problem with that assignment.  If the sub service line is busy, which is common in the mornings, please keep trying.    
  • The correct email address for sub service is subfinder@nvusd.org.    Do not use chodge@nvusd.org.   Email sent to that address is undeliverable.      
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep your email address and phone number current as the system will notify you if you have been requested for an assignment  or if there is a change in the assignment you have accepted.  
  • Please answer the phone when the system or sub service office calls you.   If you cannot work on a specific date please go into your schedule screen and select UNAVAILABLE.  If you do this I will know that you cannot work.   Do Not Disturb does not take your name off the list and I still see your name and think you can work that day.   Hanging up on the system calls or not answering does not help.  The system does  not understand what that means and will keep trying to reach you.  

Updating Your Address?

Important: Changing your address information in the Aesop System does NOT change your address in either the NVUSD Human Resources Office or at the Napa County Office of Education. You will need to notify both offices of any of these type of changes.



The time indicated on the job you have accepted is the actual class time, not the start time of your substitute assignment. It is expected that you arrive at least 15 ...more


All NVUSD substitute teachers are required to wear a NVUSD ID Badge and have a NVUSD Parking sticker. This is for your protection in case of an emergency ...more

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