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School Business Sub Reservation Process


Follow These Steps:
Number 1 Check the School Business Substitute Reservation Calendar for availability.
Number 2

Complete the School Business Substitute Request form.

Once the School Business Substitute Request form has been submitted, an email will be sent to the requestor approving or declining the request.


  • Monday and Friday have a maximum capacity of 10 school business substitutes.  No school business will be approved on Fridays in May or before a long weekend/vacation period.
  • Maximum number of substitutes for school business is 30 on Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Please request substitutes for either 3.5 hours or 7 hours. Substitutes teachers are paid for either a ½ day (3.5 hours or less) or full day (7 hours) even if they only work a portion of that time.
  • Teachers can not enter school business absences into AESOP.
  • Please request school business substitutes at least 2 weeks before needed.
Number 3

Once a school business reservation has been approved, the site or department secretaries must complete an SBA in Digital Schools.

Number 4

Once the SBA is approved through DS the site secretary enters the absence into AESOP making sure to include the title of the school business which must be consistent on all paperwork (Aesop, Digital Schools, etc.) and the SBA number.

Please note:

  • School business reservation requests must be approved before a substitute teacher will be assigned in Aesop.
  • If a teacher wants to assign a specific substitute for school business they need to confirm the availability of the substitute and give that information to the secretary before she enters the school business into AESOP.
Number 5

AESOP will then fill the job and email the teacher to notify them that they have a substitute secured for that day.

Priority for Filling Daily Absences
  1. Illness/Personal Leave
  2. Approved Travel/Conferences
  3. District School Business
  4. Site School Business
Need Help?

Daily and long-term substitute assignments (6:30-8:30am)

Cecile Hodge


Entering or troubleshooting information/changes in AESOP

Maria Lara or Ellie Pena-Tamayo


Substitute teacher concerns/compliments (Please complete form here)

School business substitute reservation request (Please complete form here)

Pat Andry-Jennings

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