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Our mission is to inspire the artist in every student and to ensure equitable access to a culturally-relevant arts curriculum, facilitated by passionate, reflective, credentialed teachers.


We are a voice for the arts so the arts may give voice to all students.

Arts in Our Schools

Arts Supporters

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Educators, community members, and public and private entities are working together to implement the comprehensive and sequential TK-12 arts education curriculum. The Arts Education Master Plan includes best practices in arts education, amplifying existing programs while incorporating bold and innovative approaches to provide all students with arts education opportunities including:

  • development of curriculum articulation for all students at all grade levels
  • creation of culturally relevant syllabus
  • class scheduling inclusive for all students 
  • optimize use of facilities community wide
  • organization of community resources to comprehensively support arts educational opportunities 
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Chuck Neidhoefer

Arts Coordinator

(707) 259-8845