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Ed Center School Art Display Cases


Art Display Calendar


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Ed Center Art Display Cases

NVUSD schools are welcome to schedule a month to display student artwork in art display cases located in the Ed Center main corridor. There are six cases to choose from (see below).

North Wall Cases #1 and #2 South Wall Cases #1 and #2

3-D Case -- Side A and Side B

94" L x 47" H

94" L x 47" H 45" H x 20" D ~ floor + 2 shelves


IMG_0653.JPG IMG_0500.JPG

NVUSD Graduation Event Venues

American Canyon High School

ACHS Stadium

Napa High School
Memorial Stadium
Napa Valley Adult Education
Memorial Stadium
Napa Valley Independent Studies
District Auditorium
New Technology High School
Memorial Stadium
Valley Oak High School
District Auditorium
Vintage High School
Memorial Stadium
Napa Grad Nite
Napa Valley College