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ALPS Principle

Learning Happens Best When Instruction is Delivered One Level Above Our Readiness

What We Do

When you find your passion and share it with others, you make the world a better place. In order for students to do this, they need opportunities to explore what makes their souls sing.  Some students find that academics are their passion.  Others may find art, music, technology, sports, or communication  inspire them.  No matter what the area of passion, in order to move forward we need to keep raising the bar a little higher so we strive to be the best we can be.

The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program at Napa Valley Unified School District is known as ALPS: Advanced Learners Programs & Services. ALPS supports the educational needs of students who are academically gifted, highly gifted, and high achievers/ motivated learners.  ALPS also works to support gifted Twice Exceptional students with learning challenges.

The basic premise of ALPS is that learning happens best when instruction is delivered one level above one's readiness.  This is also known as Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development.

Using state-adopted curricula and focusing on student strengths, we assist teachers in providing differentiated, rigorous, and accelerated experiences during the school day.  We also assist teachers and families in identifying resources for serving “multiple intelligences”   and unique interests of students to encourage their passion for learning.

multiple intelligences

How We Do It

ALPS works in partnership with NVUSD leadership to spread differentiation strategies to meet the needs of advanced learners in the classroom within the school day. Our motto is “every student gets what every student needs”—please don’t worry about the admission tests for ALPS.  If your child did not qualify and you are still concerned that he/she needs more challenge or a more individualized approach to learning, please contact your schools ALPS Lead.  You can find the name of your school representative on the ALPS School Site Leads page.