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Turning Lives Around

Success Stories

Educators, Students & Families Share Their Reading Success!

"S. rolled up on his bike before school today, beaming with pride I congratulated him and told him he now has the key to lead a successful life! Thanks to all of you for supporting Sebastian through his ups and downs.  It’s awesome to see success right in front of our eyes!" --Elementary Principal

 "WOW! I am so proud of Sebastian! He has come such a long way both academically and emotionally JMy heart is filled with pride and happiness because the course of this young man’s life has been changed! Way to go team!!!!" --3rd Grade Teacher

"He's standing next to me saying he hopes to make the 4th grade Honor Roll this trimester!  He's got high hopes and lots of perseverence!!!  One more to add to the LONG list of S44 graduates." --4th Grade Teacher  

"U. has gone from Far Below Grade Level to Proficient in a little over a year! And this is student who came from an SDC class…I just wanted to pause for a moment to commend U., thank the teachers that have supported him and to reflect on how this amazingly awesome program is accelerating learning and helping close our achievement gap one student a time." --High School Teacher

"SMS continues to have success with getting Lexiles up and ‘kicking kids outta System 44’. In the past week, two of my kids have ‘graduated’ from Systems 44 (It’s It party last Friday!), and within the first week back, I expect two more to get out. My after-school class, two times a week, is helping a great deal, of course, and our relentless after-school/ before-school/milk break extra computer time has been hugely significant.  Because a handful of my kids cannot stay after school because of baby-sitting younger siblings, I’ve started getting here at 7:30. " --Middle School Teacher

"My kids are so excited about finishing System 44.  Whenever a student gets to about 25.3 all of the kids gather around and cheer them on.  I am so proud of these guys!"  --Middle School Teacher

"Just wanted to share… I am already noticing a difference in how my students are doing with English (than from previous years). Although they are making mistakes (i.e. they pronounce “have” with long a instead of short a), they are using the rules of the English language that I know they have learned from System 44. The fact that they remember the long /a/ sound is great! Some of them are starting to FastTrack and are super excited! I have asked them how they feel about the program and if they feel like it’s helping them with English and they say “Yes”, that they understand more and can actually read words they couldn’t read before in science and math. I am very excited!  --Middle School Teacher

"I am sorry to disturb you all but I have to share this wonderful news: J. S., a fifth grade student in my R180/S44 class just showed what S44 is all about! This is his second year in S44. He started the year off at Series 10.3. As of Monday, 9/26/11 he was at Series 10.5. He FastTracked to Series 13.4 on Tuesday. Yesterday he completed Series 13 and started to Fast Track. Before he was cut off for Next Gen to be installed he had Fast Tracked to Series 23.1. This morning he came in and completed his Fast Tracking from yesterday and ended up at Series 24.1. That is a growth of 14 Series in three days!"  --Elementary School Teacher

"I feel like I am truly serving my students for the first time."  --Middle School Teacher

"Every one of our Newcomers is coming for extra time in S44 after school - and, "that one" - is a gifted student if I every saw one!"  --Middle School School