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  ADMINISTRATION 2425 Jefferson St. Room 121 Fax  
  Wade Roach Assistant Superintendent      
  Julie Pressey Administrative Assistant 253-3533 259-8887  
  FISCAL SERVICES 2425 Jefferson St.      
  Cherie Cahn Administrative Director of Business Services 253-3441    
  Shelly Goo Accounting & Payroll Manager 259-8816 253-3968  
       Kim Chilton Lead Account Clerk 253-3503    
       Tammi Collins Account Clerk 253-3506    
       Kristina Negrete Account Clerk 253-3505    
       Ashley Zampa Account Clerk 253-3851    
       FISCAL OPERATIONS        
       Khanh Pham Lead Account Clerk 253-3699    
       Linda Altamura Account Clerk 253-3651    
       Linda Hamill Account Clerk 253-3528    
       Roxann Ashburn Lead Account Clerk 253-3765 259-8887  
       Veronica Chambless Account Clerk - Classified 253-3853    
       Nancy Crane Account Clerk - Certificated 253-3551    
       Jennifer Hinson Account Clerk - Benefits 253-3936    
       Amy Salinas Account Clerk 253-3850    
       Linda Sharp Account Clerk - Billing 259-3552    
       Nancy Harless Account Clerk 259-8513  
       Suzanne Trudelle Account Clerk 253-3529 259-5963  
       Steve Lowery   253-3521    
  FOOD SERVICES Room 106      
  Sunita Dutt Ellenby Food Services Coordinator      
  Kathy Pendergrass Staff Secretary 253-3541 253-3948  
  Joa Rhorer Account Clerk 253-3543    
  Lynn Anderson Sodexo Director      
  Kerry Schulz Sodexo Executive Chef      
  GENERAL SERVICES 1616 Lincoln Ave.      
  SchoolDude Login        
  Ken Spencer Director II of General Services      
  Claire Simpkins Staff Secretary II 253-3520 253-9270  
       Gloria Aguiar Operations Manager      
       Albert De Sousa Grounds Manager      
       Timothy Dunks Maintenance Manager      
       Cymantha Erickson Account Clerk III 253-3538 253-9270  
       Kim Scerri Account Clerk II 253-3548 253-9270  
       Nick Curtis Auditorium Manager 732-6048    
       Carole Toy Assistant Manager 253-3538    
       Julie Hogan Staff Secretary III 253-3549 259-5963  
  SCHOOL PLANNING & CONSTRUCTION 1616 Lincoln Ave.      
  Don Evans Consultant      
  Julie Hogan Administrative Assistant 253-3549    
  Rachel Nelson Administrative Assistant 253-6281 259-5963  
  TRANSPORTATION 1340 Menlo Ave.      
  Justin Binion Manager - Trainer 253-3454    
  Terry Guzman Manager - Dispatcher 253-3452    
  Ralph Knight Fleet Manager 253-3455    
  Linda Perez Staff Secretary II 253-3556 253-3557  
  Lisa Wright Account Clerk III / Field Trips 253-3453