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ALPS School Site Leads


Who Are They?

Teachers from each elementary and middle school act as leads between their school sites and ALPS.

Each site lead  is responsible for bringing important information about ALPS back to their school as well as bringing issues and questions from the school to ALPS.

The site leads are responsible for communicating with parents of the school's advanced learners, keeping them informed of upcoming events, and distributing newsletters and other pertinent ALPS information.

Site leads and ALPS personnel meet regularly throughout the school year to share advanced learner differentiation strategies. Leads bring back the information to sites and share at staff meetings.

Site leads attend ALPS Back to School Night and Open House events held each year.

High school staff and counselors do not participate in the meetings, but do act as point of contact for ALPS-related questions and issues.


ALPS Leads Meetings & Events

ALPS Leads Meetings are held on the following Tuesdays from 4-6pm in The Ed Center Room 205 (unless otherwise indicated):


Additional Events Including ALPS Leads:

ALPS Back to School Night
Oct 4, 2017 (Wednesday)
Ed Center Board Room
6-7 PM

ALPS Open House 
April 11, 2018
New Tech High School
920 Yount St. Napa
6-8 PM